What We Do...

A few years ago a grassroots movement of folks rose up with a bold assertion: that the vicious cycle of
poverty, even desperate poverty, could actually be reversed. In 2010 they set out to prove it, calling their grand experiment Starfysh, and chose as their laboratory one of the most desperate places on earth,
where life is hard by every measure. The place... an island called La Gonave, situated off Haiti's mainland.
Home to 100,000 of the poorest people on the planet. Where life is about to change...


How Is StarFysh Helping?


The degree to which all development efforts become sustainable for the long run, and without outside help, depends on the strength of a local economy. Starfysh is hard at work training and equipping young men and women to start and grow healthy, thriving businesses.


La Gonave's overall level of nutrition and health is quite poor. The Starfysh strategy addresses the problem at many levels: improving water quality, re-establishing thousands of family gardens and farms, and taking medical, dental, and optical care to the far-reaches of the island.


The transformation of an island begins with education. In addition to starting and resourcing schools, the Starfysh model integrates learning and training into every other facet of our development work: agriculture, business, nutrition, and health.